Diabetes pricing war? Sanofi, Lilly and Novo each have their ideas

When Sanofi announced that its franchise would suffer next year because of U.S. payer contracts, the natural follow-up question was this: Does this mean a diabetes pricing war? If Sanofi had to boost its rebates to win coverage–which the company admits it did–then that means its rivals, including Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk, have, too.

A tale of ‘two worlds’ for Novartis respiratory launches in U.S. and EU

Targeting different markets naturally requires using different marketing strategies. But for Novartis, which is aiming to become a major respiratory player, its approaches within and outside the U.S. could end up being worlds apart.

Pfizer CEO: ‘No reason’ we can’t do an inversion deal, Treasury rules or no

Like Novartis before it, AstraZeneca benefits big time from Ranbaxy issues

Ranbaxy Laboratories in June finally managed to finesse its regulatory problems enough to get a generic of Novartis' Diovan to market, boosting its own fortunes while depriving the Swiss drugmaker of the extra revenues it enjoyed for nearly two years. Next up is a generic of AstraZeneca blockbuster Nexium. The question remains when.

Sanofi board: We’ve dismissed CEO Chris Viehbacher

Orphan drug prices on non-orphan meds? Gilead, this means you, PBM says

Anyone following the hepatitis C drug market knows that Express Scripts CMO Steve Miller has a strong point of view.

Novartis gets 4% sales lift as ‘growth products’ make good on their label

Big relief for Lilly, Boehringer as judge slashes $9B Actos award by 99%

That scary $9 billion damages award a Louisiana jury slapped on Takeda and Eli Lilly earlier this year? A U.S. District judge slashed the bill by more than 99%, saying the new amount is the biggest award allowed under current law.

Big trouble in Sanofi’s diabetes biz sends shares reeling, despite earnings boost

Pharma’s top 10 M&A deals of 2014′s first half

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